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SR Series Granulator

We are the most favored destinations for availing high quality SR Series Granulator in the market. The SR Series Granulator is of efficient quality and high on demand.

SR Series Granulator granulators are designed and manufactured for the size reduction of full length profiles and pipes eliminating the need to pre-cut the material into shorter lengths. The 6000 mm (20ft.) profiles or pipes are fed horizontally into the granulator. Generally the LP series granulators are used for the size reduction of PVC profiles and the SR series granulators are used for applications ranging from profiles to extremely thick walled PVC, PP and PE pipes. The SR series granulators are designed for most difficult applications, to achieve higher through put rates and insure a safe and reliable method of profile and pipe size reduction.

SR Series Granulator is designed to instantaneously seize the profiles and let a factual automatic bring in of the profiles into the grinding chamber consequently results in an effortless material feed. The SR Series Granulator is designed by a horizontal feed channel that acts as material loading trough. For controlling and feeding the material in the grinding chamber automatically amperage load controlled material is used. All the way through the size reduction process to avoid the material fly-back the channel is equipped with hydraulically operated channel lid.

The housing is completely welded and can handle high impact or abrasive material when used with replaceable wear plates. Clean and consistent granulates due to counter-angled design of the rotor and stator knives for scissors-like cutting. Knives can be changed 60%faster and in a safer way. Housings resist cracking under heavy stress/shock as the rotor shaft bearings are mounted inside solid steel housings. Granulates are not contaminated by dust/fines and operation is cooler due to the outboard mounting. Rotor knives do not get loosened even with heavy shock due to better rotor designs. The attachment of knife bolts is done with a threaded clamp which is removable and replaceable. Needless drilling and tapping are avoided due to unthreaded rotor flights and knife carrier.

  • Multipurpose use
  • Because of the compressed design it requires less space
  • Energy saving ability
  • Double-cross cutting knife reduces the noise level
  • Clam shell opening results in easy cleaning
  • Pre-adjusted knives used reduces the time consumed for rotor and stator knife replacement

  • Enhanced through put rates
  • No need for special knife sharpening fixture
  • The knife bolts attach to a removable and replaceable threaded clamp


Pipe Granulator type Profile Granulator type
Pipe Granulator type SR 450/600 Profile Granulator type LP 450/600
Pipe Granulator type SR 600/600 Profile Granulator type LP 450/1000
Pipe Granulator type SR 600/800 Profile Granulator type SP 300/300
Pipe Granulator type SR 800/600 Profile Granulator type SP 300/500
Pipe Granulator type SR 1200/800 Profile Granulator type SP 450/300
Pipe Granulator type SR 1600/1200 Profile Granulator type SP 450/600
Profile Granulator type SP 600/600
Profile Granulator type SP 450/1000





  • A - Granulator
  • B - Material - gate
  • C - Rope - station
  • D/E - Material - trough
  • F - Garage
  • H - Rope - drive - Station