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Recycling System

For post consumer or post industrial second hand, soiled and mixed plastics, we provide shredding, granulating, washing, separation and drying machines Recycling System. The lines starts with waste material often pressed in bales and end up with clean, pure and dry regrind or flakes that are ready for densifying, repelletizing or injection-molding. We supply systems for films (even very dirty agricultural films), injection-molded parts (used battery casings, bottle cases), and bottles (PE and PET).

Depending on the raw material in Recycling System the washing and separation lines can comprise the following processing steps :
  • Storage of bales on belt conveyors or bale stores
  • Debaling in a rotating drum or a screw crusher / bale breaker
  • Hand sorting of big, easily visible foreign particles
  • Opto-electronic separation of PVC items
  • Pre-crushing to prepare pre-washing
  • Separation of ferromagnetic particles by drum or belt magnets
  • Separation of metals and heavy particles by pre-washing
  • Size reduction and washing in a washing granulator or high speed shredder
  • Separation of soiled water, fiberation of paper in a friction washer
  • Separation of different kinds of plastics according to their specific weight by a swim-sink tank
  • Hot washing for the separation of adhesives from polyester (PET) bottle flakes or other intractably adhesive contaminations
  • Mechanical drying
  • Thermal drying
  • Storage in special flake silos
  • Water circuit and waste water treatment
  • Densifying and/or extrusion with (if necessary) recrystallization and post condensation