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Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator is used to recycle the waste plastic products. It revolves plastic products like jars, bottles into flakes and then is used as raw material by plastic products Manufacturer to make new plastic products. A plastic granulator is consisting of a rotor with cutting blades and a large electric motor and covered within a closed chamber, there are many different sizes of these blades and chambers available in the market. The plastic waste is placed in this chamber to get the plastic granules.

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LM Series Granulator
LM Series Granulator is used to reduce the size of huge and thin walled materials like loose film, PVC pipes, automotive bumpers, barrels, web scrap etc. LM Series Granulator is comprised of a rotor and stator knives they together forms a cutting operation. LM Series Granulator is designed in such a way that it reduces the noise production

SM Series Granulator
SM Series Granulator is designed to reduce the size of extremely thick wall plastic material such as containers and crates. SM Series Granulator is versatile in nature that is it works as an all rounder and because of its size it requires less space to keep it. Beside all this SM Series Granulator also acts as an energy saver.

SMV Series Granulator
We offer highly efficient SMV Series Granulator in the market. The SMV Series Granulator offered by us is easy to use and has long lasting functional life.

SMV Series Granulators are specially designed for all universal type of applications. In the course of simple modification the SMV Series

SR Series Granulator
We are the most favored destinations for availing high quality SR Series Granulator in the market. The SR Series Granulator is of efficient quality and high on demand.

SR Series Granulator granulators are designed and manufactured for the size reduction of full length profiles and pipes eliminating the

SX Series Granulator
We are one of the prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of SX Series Granulator in the market. The SX Series Granulator offered by us is high on demand in the market.

SX Series Granulator is specially designed to achieve extremely high output. The application varies from film, bunched or tangled