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Pipe Shredder

When it is required to cut thick walled and high impact pipe, the Pipe Shredder is used but the maximum thickness can be up to 1200 mm diameter. They reduce the cost of energy by 20 to 50 percent. The very first thing while operating Pipe Shredder is to fed the pipe into the feed trough. Then automatically the material is pushed towards the Pipe Shredder shafts and controlled by a "load-control" system.


  • Low energy consumption by between 20% - 50%
  • Long lifetime of the tools
  • Cost effective


  • Capacity : Depending on the impact resistance and the wall thickness of the pipe as well as on the screen hole size. The capacity can reach up to 3 t/h with cutting tools in good working condition.
  • Feeding : The pipes are laterally fed into the feed trough which is positioned in front of the shredder. The material is then automatically pushed towards the shredder shafts with a "load-control" system (a ram driven by a geared motor via a steel cable).
  • Housing : Solid welded steel construction, annealed and manufactured with a machined finish, equipped with external supports for bearings, drives, gears and couplings.
  • Cutting Tools : Profiled rotor shafts, V-shaped supports for the blades. Blades can be used on 2 sides, toothed stator blade.
  • Controls : Siemens SIMATIC S7, touch-screen panel                                                                    


Shredder Type HZR 1300/4 HZR 1300/4
  Working width approx. 1300 mm approx. 1300 mm
  Shaft diameter approx. approx. 370 mm approx. 370 mm
  Drive 4 x 30 kW 4 x 30 kW
Feed Trough For pipes with 6 meters 2 meters
  Cross section 1300 x 1350 mm 1300 x 1350 mm
  Length 6500 mm 2500 mm
  Drive feed station 5,5 kW  
  Hydraulics 4 kW