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Industrial Shredder

We offer highly efficient Industrial Shredder which is used to reduce the size of different type of material. We have are different sizes of Industrial Shredder available for different applications. These shredders used to shred different types of material like plastic, metals and garbage etc. Different types of system like Single, two, three and four shaft cutting systems are used to make an Industrial Shredder. The company is dealing with three types of Industrial Shredder they are Single Shaft Shredder, Two Shaft Shredder and Pipe Shredder.

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Single Shaft Shredder
Neue Maschinen-Und Anlagenbau Gmbh Single Shaft Shredder is used for pre cutting of bales, energy utilization of waste, scrap tires and energy utilization of post consumer waste. In Single Shaft Shredder, the first thing to do is to transport the feeding material into the rotor in the cutting area. After the ram feeder reaches its final

Two Shaft Shredder
Two Shaft Shredder is used to cut the large amount of material like films, random plastic waste. Two Shaft Shredder has electrically controlled shredder shafts which are slow operating. The shredder shafts work together and guarantee a quick size cutting procedure. For an even improved material feeding the two shaft shredder can be set with

Pipe Shredder

When it is required to cut thick walled and high impact pipe, the Pipe Shredder is used but the maximum thickness can be up to 1200 mm diameter. They reduce the cost of energy by 20 to 50 percent. The very first thing while operating Pipe Shredder is to fed the pipe into the feed trough. Then automatically the material is