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Friction Washer

We provide high quality Friction Washer that is used in various applications in industrial processes. The washer is heavy duty and available at the market leading prices.

The Friction Washer is accumulated on an inclined frame. The material enters at the lower end of the Friction Washer with vertical in-feed. The unusual angular flights together with the high rpm of the shaft bring the material in an inclined direction to the top of the unit and concurrently operate the washing phase. Fines, water and awash fibrous paper are estranged through the perforated screen cage which environs the high speed shaft and let the separated material to run down through the friction washer housing to the lower discharge pipe.

The Friction Washer is incorporated with water injection nozzles which squirt the fresh or recycled water directly at the screen cage to help in screen cage cleaning and avoid clogging. Along with the water spray pneumatically operated mechanical screen cleaner is also equipped in the Friction Washer

  • Rigorously wash plastic materials such as film flakes
  • Crush to take in PET bottle flake and other sorts of rigid plastic